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Personalised boarding pass/wish card

This is a great way to wish somebody a nice trip away.

Why not announce your surprise with a perfect birthday card flight ticket?
These tickets are personalised for example you can leave your secret message on the QR code (max 100world Character Set: ASCII) and with any smartphone, it's possible to scan the two codes and read it.
The barcode at the bottom will be your signature with your name.


The cards are all hand made item and unframed (3.93 x 7.87 inches / 10cm x 20cm) print on one side on 220gsm pro Black Diamond ink jet canvas photo paper, stamped/embossed with the logo/motto (SIGN - be creative be unique be positive be curious).

Will be delivered with an OPEN Black Envelope: DL - 11 x 22cm and all items will be shipped in a secure padded bubble envelopes bag.

Ticket: 3.93 x 7.87 inches / 10cm x 20cm
Black envelope: DL - 11 x 22cm




When you checkout please write the following details clearly in the 'notes to seller' section.
1. Adult: “ONE”, “TWO”…
2. Child: “NIL”, “ONE”, “TWO”…
3. ALL Passenger name: “NAME/S” and “CHILD NAME”
4. From: “DEPARTURE”
6. Travel date: “DATE”
7. Depart time: “TIME” (if you don’t know the time will be random fill it in)
8. Arrive time: “TIME” (if you don’t know the time will be random fill it in)
9. Barcode at the bottom it’s your signature: FROM “YOUR NAME”
10. Your top secret QR text message (max 100world Character Set: ASCII) barcode on the bottom will have a default message Good luck "all name of the passengers"


The cards are available in my shop or in my Etsy shop



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