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screen printing, 2016 edition of ONLY tot 6 copies

After the BREXIT Referendum, I couldn't force myself to do something about it, it came up automatically, this argument it's too important to leave it.


With this print I wonna show that the referendum is not only a piece of paper, a game to do it for fun where you can sign it or not. Is something where you as a voter are in charge and you have the power democratically to say to vote, to change the things. 

It's sad that a lot of people in UK regretting what they vote because they didn't immage what could happen, they supposed take it seriously!

Any way it is good to remeber for the future what is lost is lost forever!


This is a First Edition of a total of ONLY 6 copy, numbered and signed.

Digital print combined with 1 screen pulled colour  and  hand finished  spray paint;

paper size:  A3 300gsm cold pressed, grain fin


Year 2016

Edition of tot 6 pieces

price: £40.00 each


You can find it in SALE at the the Upfest Gallery in Bristol

Thank You

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