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New Logo and leaflet design

I've designed a professional logo and leaflet, for this new start-up company, based in Bristol UK .





This company selling Shungite stones, let's see what is it.


“Detox for the mind, body and soul”

Shungite is an ancient, 2 billion years old stone that has the ability to clean water from almost all organic compounds, including pesticides, chlorine, metals, bacteria, viruses and harmful microorganisms.

Due to the thousands of years of interaction with Shungite, water from Lake Onega (Russia) can be used without any prior filtering.

Shungite water has great healing properties, but bear in mind it is not a medication.

However, it’s a natural remedy with many amazing benefits for your body. It helps with arthritis, diabetes, psoriasis, acne, increases your immune system, boosts overall energy level, soothes insomnia and much more.

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