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UpFest Festival 2013

My first Up Fest!! I'm very happy, still excited, the weather was super!

Painting under the sun with a cold beer and with so many people behind you was strange and amazing!!! I have known and met again a lot of beautiful people!!!Thanks for all of you guys!!

This piece it's called "Hide and Seek" and was created using Spray Paint, Stencil and Poscas on 6 x 8ft Plywood.

The Europe's Largest Live Urban Arts Festival

Upfest, established in 2008 has grown to become Europe's largest Urban Arts Festival. Over the past six years the festival has played host to over 600 different artists from across the globe who have travelled to South Bristol to be watched at work by tens of thousands of visitors. 2013 was a particularly busy and successful year at Upfest with the organisers, volunteers and local community welcoming 300 artists and over 25,000 visitors to the streets of Bedminster for it's sixth annual festival.


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