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During the UPfest2017 in Bristol I've painted a graffiti with this illustration call "Zombie Mood Society".  Finally, I'm happy to release this screenprint in a limited edition of ONLY 25 copy, on 100% Cotton Rag 320gsm Khadi paper signed, numbered and stamped.

This piece is called "Zombie mood society" just to remind all of us how much we are absorbed from the devices,

how similar all of us we become, and how disconnected we are already from the human relations because we just wanna check something on it even if we don't care.

The mouth can be interpreted in a different way from all of us, can scream, bite, shout, yawn, I don't mind what you thinking or see,

but the point is something there on the screen constantly who eating our brain our creativity to be different,

interesting to other people and to be unique. 

So we MUST TRY to not stay much on the devices, look and speak with who is next to you! be human and not a machine!

ZOMBIE MOOD SOCIETY - Limited Edition of 25

Hand pulled 2 colour screen print

Black and Red

On 320gsm 100% Cotton Rag Khadi paper

Size: A3, 30cm x 42cm (11.8 x 16.53 inches)

Edition of 25


Year 2018

Signed, numbered and stamped.

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