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New canvas inspired to the attempted UPfest Festival '13

Artwork spray paint / stencil / poscas

Canvas 102 X 76 cm

Year 2013

Edition of 1 piece

After my first participation at the Upfest festival (The Europe's Largest Live Urban Arts Festival) during summer 2013, I've painted a piece inspired what I did in live painting there.
This is a unique piece painted on 102x76 cm canvas with spray paint, stencil and poscas. 
I love usually paint CCTV bird and animal, in general watching us, in this case, a bird from the top, from the trees, from the sky, like independent drones created from the mother nature or who knows from who, just for controlling if everything it's fine.

If you like to see the paint I have done at the upfest '13 check my website here: Upfest2013

From now it's available to buy also at in different size, print in fine art paper and canvases.  Have a look.

Thank You

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